Warranty Information
Q1.Warranty period identified

Warranty period started from purchase date. To report a defect, please provide the receipts such as invoice and packages. Without the above documents, the warranty period started from the produced date.

Q2.Warranty way

Dead on Arrive (DOA)

If the products develop a defect within 7 days of the purchase date, the customer is entitled to DOA service. It is the customer’s responsibility to send back the receipt, package and the defect production to Qooker. Products over 7 days are eligible to RMA services.


Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

During warranty period, customers are entitled to free repair or exchange service. After warranty period, customers can pay for repair by sending back the products with self-addressed envelop.

※Special seasonal goods will be handled in accordance original replacement mode


Repair Warranty

If the product develops the same defect within three months after repair, customers are eligible for free repair. When discover the same defects for three times, Qooker will exchange new products to customers.

Q3.Warranty period

※Identification of the product has QOOKER applicable warranty period

★1 year warranty

Lan Cable

HDMI Cable

USB Cable

Smart Cable


OTG Reader

Lan Card


。Bluetooth Headset / Bluetooth Speaker

。All kinds of automotive supplies


★6 months warranty

。All kinds of Power Bank

。Various types of rechargeable products required

Q4.Warranty coverage

Every product has completed tested during the producing process.According to the following conditions, Qooker provide warranty services for every product.

Q5.Non-warranty products belong to free range

1. Defects of inappropriate usage excluded of warranty services.


2. Defects caused by such as natural disasters and artificial damages excluded of warranty services.


3. Defects cause by third party such as install, repair and fix excluded of warranty services.


4. Defects caused by computer virus excluded of the warranty services.


5. Defects caused by interferences such as electricity, fire and lighting excluded of the warranty services.


6. Defects caused by inappropriate environments such as high temperatures or high humidity environments.


7. Defects caused by inappropriate deliverance and package excluded of the warranty services.


8. Customers are responsible to copy and restore the data and information with the products. Warranty services excluded the damage and loss of personal data.


9. Products defects caused by product developing or professional testing excluded of free warranty services.

Q6.Warranty service and repair procedures explained

1. Please create a new account and become the online member.



2. Fill in the information on the website for repair services.



3. Print out or write down the applying information and the RMA authorized numbers. Send back the product with the document.


4. Customers are responsible to pay the insurance fee within 30 days after receiving the RMA authorized numbers and send the products to Qooker company. After the repair services, Qooker will send back the fees and the products.


1. If the product does not meet the free warranty, Qooker product repair service will charge a fee, charges will Qooker developed as the basis. Consumers who can not accept the repair price, Qooker Debu accept maintenance. Please contact Qooker official website.


2. Qooker has the SOP of repair other services. Defective products will exchange with new or fixed ones. Instead of new products, Qooker has the right to exchange with other products with the same qualities.


3. Remove or break the label will cancel the warranty period.


4. Warranty services provides for defected products only if the defects are cause by other or relative equipment.


5. The warranty service excludes other consumables such as batteries, earphones, remote control and instruction books.


6. Warranty service excludes any information or data within the product.

7.Warranty service includes repair or exchange services.

Q8.Indemnity clauses

1. Except for the above clauses, Qooker warranty doesn’t apply for services. Any warranty services follow the company policies.


2. Defects of inappropriate usage is not eligible for warranty services. For particular size and requirements, please contact us for services.


3. The clause is the official warranty for products. Occasional or specific defects are not included in services. Qooker provides repair and exchange services according to the warranty.

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